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PT Borneo Edo International is focusing to develop its bauxite mining areas in Mempawah Hulu, Mejalin, Mandor and Sompak District, West Kalimantan Area. Its Located around 80 km from Pontianak. Its area consist approximately +/- 80 Million Tons of bauxite deposits. The bauxite grade average 45% of Al2O3 and less than 3,5 % of Silica (Si2 O3) 

The company will operate based on best practice mining operation industry, starting from initial exploration, mining operation and mining closure involving all the stakeholder. All the process is delivered by best management team and professional employees.

The company expected to commence first shipping on first semester 2009 with at least 1 Million of wet bauxite (wbx) and its planned to doubles its shipment through 2010. The bauxite market of Borneo Edo International covered local and overseas. For the long run planning the company also assessing to create more value added products over its bauxite production despite sell it as wbx.

During the mining process PT Borneo Edo International will be conscious of its environmental and local communities development and commitments and the need to return the environment back to its original state. Procedures, systems and a programe of regular monitoring are will be in place to ensure that pollutants are controlled and maintained within acceptable levels and improvement in community living standard


PT Borneo Edo International
Subsidiary of Antam Tbk.